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MOQ : 100 pieces  (TZ-2  and TS-2 can be mixed wholesale)
One Sample Price: 194$
Lead time
Quantity (pieces) 1000 3000
Lead time (days) 25 30

Product Features:

  1. All-in-One Liftable Design: The TZ-2 features a sophisticated, integrated lift system that adjusts to any angle effortlessly, eliminating the need for separate lift mechanisms. This design is perfect for flexible setups in living rooms, office conferences, or any indoor environment.
  2. 1080p Ultra HD with 4K Support: Enjoy superb visual clarity with 1080p UHD resolution and compatibility with 4K video playback, ideal for both professional presentations and immersive home cinema experiences.
  3. Dynamic Screen Scaling: Adjust your viewing area from 60 to 120 inches to accommodate various settings and audience sizes, ensuring optimal visibility and engagement.
  4. Advanced Four-Point Keystone Correction: With its four-point keystone correction, the TZ-2 allows for versatile placement, even in challenging corners, aligning images to produce a squared, perfectly aligned display.
  5. High-Quality Optical Components: The projector is equipped with premium optical lenses that achieve 98% uniform light transmission, providing sharp, vivid images while minimizing visual fatigue.
  6. Cinema-Quality Surround Sound: Dive into a cinematic audio experience with the projector’s surround sound capabilities, creating an immersive atmosphere that brings content to life.
  7. Silent Cooling Technology: The TZ-2’s cooling system operates quietly and efficiently, minimizing noise while effectively managing heat, thus preserving the tranquility of your environment.
  8. Dual-Band WiFi Support: Maintain seamless connectivity with high-speed 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi, facilitating smooth and uninterrupted streaming and online presentations.
  9. Versatile Connectivity: The TZ-2 supports multiple connectivity options, including USB ports, HDMI interfaces, mics, U disks, audio interfaces, headphones, and wireless devices, enhancing its functionality across diverse scenarios.
  10. Bright Display with 240 ANSI Lumens: The projector’s brightness, at 240 ANSI lumens, ensures a clear and vibrant display in various lighting conditions, enhancing viewer experience.
  11. Electronic One-Touch Focus: Features an electronic one-touch focus system, simplifying the setup process and allowing for quick, easy adjustments to maintain sharp and clear images.
  12. Innovative and Functional Design: The TZ-2’s creative and practical design not only complements any space aesthetically but also incorporates features that boost usability and efficiency.
  13. AI Voice Remote Control: Enhances user convenience with AI-powered voice control, making it easy to adjust settings and integrate seamlessly with smart home systems.
  14. Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS: The TZ-2 adheres to major international standards, ensuring compliance with safety, reliability, and environmental regulations.

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