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Product Features:

  1. Concealed Elevating Design: Seamlessly blends into your space with its unique hidden elevating head, providing an unobtrusive yet functional aesthetic.
  2. Multi-Directional Projection: Features a 90-degree flip head, enabling effortless switching between forward and backward throws, suitable for ceiling, wall-mounted, and upward projection.
  3. 1080p UHD with 4K Support: Delivers crisp, ultra-high-definition visuals with the capability to support 4K video playback, ensuring breathtaking clarity and detail.
  4. Intelligent One-Touch Focus: Guarantees sharp, high-quality images with an intelligent focusing system that adjusts with a single touch.
  5. Dual-Band 5G WiFi: Offers robust dual-frequency 2.4G/5G screen casting for ultra-smooth gaming and TV watching experiences without lag.
  6. Cinema-Quality Surround Sound: Equipped with advanced audio capabilities, delivering rich, immersive surround sound for a theater-like experience at home.
  7. Advanced Dust Prevention: Features a stand-alone optical machine with integrated dust prevention and removal, maintaining clear visuals and prolonging device life.
  8. High-Quality Optical Lenses: Crafted with premium lenses that achieve 98% light transmission, ensuring uniform brightness and vivid colors across all projections.
  9. Efficient Cooling System: Incorporates twin-turbo chargers and a high-speed cooling system to maintain optimal performance during extended use.
  10. AI Voice Remote Control: Enhances user convenience with AI-powered voice control, allowing for easy operation and smart home integration.
  11. Certificates: CE, FCC, RoHS

TS-3 Liftable Smart Projector-6

TS-3 Liftable Smart Projector-7

TS-3 Liftable Smart Projector-8

TS-3 Liftable Smart Projector-9 TS-3 Liftable Smart Projector-10 TS-3 Liftable Smart Projector-11

Smart Projector AI voice control TS-3 Liftable Smart Projector-12 TS-3 Liftable Smart Projector-14TS-3 Liftable Smart Projector-15 TS-3 Liftable Smart Projector-16

TS-3 Liftable Smart Projector-17



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