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Quantity (pieces) 1000 3000
Lead time (days) 25 30

Product Features:

  1. All-in-One Liftable Design: The TS-2 eliminates the need for a separate lift mechanism, integrating a sophisticated liftable system that adjusts to any angle effortlessly, perfect for any room setup from living rooms to office conferences.
  2. 1080p Ultra HD with 4K Support: Enjoy crystal-clear 1080p UHD resolution with the capability to support stunning 4K video playback, providing top-notch visual quality for both work presentations and home cinema experiences.
  3. Dynamic Screen Scaling: Scale your viewing area from 60 to 120 inches to suit various environments and audience sizes, ensuring everyone has the best seat in the house.
  4. Advanced Four-Point Keystone Correction: Place your projector in any corner without worry. The four-point keystone correction allows for flexible placement by adjusting the image to produce a squared, perfectly aligned picture every time.
  5. High-Quality Optical Components: Features high-quality optical lenses with 98% uniform light transmission, delivering sharp, vivid images and reducing visual fatigue.
  6. Cinema-Quality Surround Sound: Immerse yourself in a cinematic audio experience with surround sound capabilities. Feel the depth and intensity of sound waves without leaving your seat.
  7. Silent Cooling Technology: Enjoy your viewing with minimal disturbance. The TS-2’s silent cooling system efficiently dissipates heat while operating quietly, ensuring your quiet time remains uninterrupted.
  8. Dual-Band WiFi Support: Stay connected with high-speed 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi, enabling seamless streaming and smooth online presentations without lag.
  9. Versatile Connectivity: The TS-2 supports a variety of devices with multiple connectivity options including USB ports, HDMI interfaces, mics, U disks, audio interfaces, headphones, and wireless devices, enhancing its utility in diverse settings.
  10. Bright Display with 240 ANSI Lumens: Bright enough for any room, the 240 ANSI lumens ensure a clear and vibrant display under various lighting conditions.
  11. Electronic One-Touch Focus: Simplify setup with electronic one-touch focus, allowing for quick and easy adjustments to ensure your image is sharp and clear every time.
  12. Innovative and Functional Design: The creative design of the TS-2 not only complements any space but also includes practical features for ease of use and efficiency.
  13. AI Voice Remote Control: Enhances user convenience with AI-powered voice control, allowing for easy operation and smart home integration.
  14. Certificates: CE, FCC, RoHS

TS-2 Integrated Liftable Smart Projector-6 1080p UHD with 4k support

TS-2 Integrated Liftable Smart Projector-7 60-120 inch movie screen

TS-2 Integrated Liftable Smart Projector-9 four-point keystone focus correction

TS-2 Integrated Liftable Smart Projector-10 high quality optical lenses

TS-2 Integrated Liftable Smart Projector-11 cinema quality sound

TS-2 Integrated Liftable Smart Projector-12 silent cooling

TZ-2 All in one Foldable Smart Projector-16

TS-2 Integrated Liftable Smart Projector-13 5G dual frequency screen casting

TS-2 Integrated Liftable Smart Projector-8 various scenarios

Smart Projector AI voice control

TS-2 Integrated Liftable Smart Projector-15 support variety of devices

TS-2 Integrated Liftable Smart Projector-16

TS-2 Integrated Liftable Smart Projector-17


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