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MOQ 1 piece

One Sample Price  65″   i7  8+256G+48MP Camera  1000$
Win10 / 8 + 256 GB
Android 11 / 4+ 32 GB

Features of the 4K Smart Flat Panel H69 Series include:

  1. Remote Video Conferencing with 48MP Camera and 8-Array Microphone
    • Seamless virtual meetings with 48 million pixel camera and 8-array microphone for crystal-clear audio and video.
  2. 4800W Pixel Camera with Industrial Light Sensors
    • Delivers custom-calibrated image quality in any lighting condition using industrial light sensors.
  3. Intelligent Writing and Annotation with ±2mm Positioning Accuracy
    • Natural writing and annotation with intelligent recognition and ±2mm positioning accuracy.
  4. Wireless Screen Casting
    • Share your screen wirelessly with zero lag for dynamic presentations and collaboration.
  5. 0.008 Second Response Time
    • Lightning-fast response time ensures immediate touch registration for smooth interactivity.
  6. 4K Ultra HD Commercial LCD Display
    • Crisp images and vivid colors with 4K Ultra HD resolution for impactful presentations.
  7. Robust Multitasking Performance at Breakneck Speeds
    • Powered by a modular OPS system for high-speed multitasking and uninterrupted performance.
  8. One-Touch Switching Modular Design
    • Effortless switching between systems with a modular design for ultimate flexibility.
  9. Launch Video Conferences with One Click
    • Instantly start video conferences with a single click for easy, efficient communication.
  10. Wall-Mounted and Mobile Stand Models
    • Choose between wall-mounted or mobile stand models for customized installation.
  11. Dual System Compatibility
    • Seamlessly switch between dual systems, ensuring compatibility with more hardware and software.


Smart-Flat-Panel-with-48MP-Camera-H68-Series-1 Smart-Flat-Panel-with-48MP-Camera-H68-Series-2
Smart-Flat-Panel-with-48MP-Camera-H68-Series-3 Smart-Flat-Panel-with-48MP-Camera-H68-Series-4
interactive smart board screen sync








Smart-Flat-Panel-with-48MP-Camera-H68-Series-12Smart Flat Panel with 48MP Camera H68 Series comparison. 





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