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Product Description:

  1. Portable Smart Screen Technology: Incorporating a 27-inch LG Incell display with a 1080p resolution and 450 cd/m² brightness for clear and vibrant visuals.
  2. Integrated Android System: Runs on a customized version of Android 12, 8+128 Gb Memory, providing seamless app integration and comprehensive Google Play access for enhanced usability.
  3. Wireless Connectivity: Features state-of-the-art connectivity with Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6, ensuring fast and reliable wireless connections.
  4. Versatile Viewing Options: Offers adjustable screen positioning, which can be used vertically, horizontally, or laid flat, catering to diverse viewing needs.
  5. Extended Battery Life: Equipped with a 6,800 mAh battery, it supports up to six hours of continuous use, perfect for long-duration tasks without needing a recharge.
  6. Multi-Mode Functionality: Includes various modes like Immersive, Speaker, and Gaming, enhancing the user experience for different activities.
  7. Robust Audio System: Two integrated 40W speakers provide a 3D audio experience, enriching media consumption.
  8. Comprehensive Port Options: Comes with multiple ports including HDMI IN, DP IN, USB-C, and USB 3.0, offering extensive connectivity to other devices.
  9. Travel-Friendly Design: Designed as a briefcase, this smart display is easy to carry, making it ideal for professionals on the go.

The Apolosign PackGo combines a distinctive briefcase design with powerful audio-visual capabilities for an unmatched entertainment experience. Featuring a tailor-made Android interface, enduring battery life, and extensive customization options, it delivers superior performance in any setting. Whether indoors or on adventurous trips, the PackGo effortlessly adapts, enhancing activities like movie watching, music listening, gaming, and social media engagement, for a diverse and enriching entertainment journey.

ApoloSign All In One Portable TV out of box
Immerse yourself in the Apolosign PackGo’s rich ambient soundscapes, offering eight distinct environmental settings. From the cozy crackle of a warm fireplace to the soothing sounds of ocean waves, the PackGo transforms any space into a tranquil retreat, enhancing your environment with its versatile audio features. Perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere wherever you go.
ApoloSign All In One Portable TV ambient screen
Elevate your gaming experience with the Apolosign PackGo by connecting a gamepad. This feature enhances the device’s versatility, allowing for more immersive and dynamic gameplay, transforming your entertainment sessions into engaging adventures. Perfect for gamers who demand both portability and performance.

DP IN: Connect your gaming console, like the Nintendo Switch, to the Apolosign PackGo via the DP IN port. Enjoy extended playtime outdoors without battery concerns, thanks to its reverse charging capability, supporting devices up to 15V. This feature ensures your gaming sessions are uninterrupted and fully powered, wherever you choose to play.
ApoloSign All In One Portable TV ports
USB 3.0: The Apolosign PackGo’s USB 3.0 port enhances functionality by allowing not only the connection of USB flash drives for swift data transfer but also enabling mobile phone connections to provide network access to the device. This dual capability ensures that PackGo serves as a versatile tool for both data management and staying connected on the go.
ApoloSign All In One Portable TV charge cell phone
The Apolosign PackGo runs on the Android operating system, allowing you to download and enjoy a variety of games directly from the Google Play Store. Experience immersive gaming with the convenience of a touchscreen, enhancing your gameplay with intuitive controls and interactive features. This setup makes the PackGo a versatile entertainment device, perfect for gaming enthusiasts on the move.
ApoloSign All In One Portable TV kids entertainments
The Apolosign PackGo enhances any setting with its vibrant 27-inch smart screen and adjustable angles, ensuring it fits perfectly in various environments. The device is ready for immediate use upon opening, featuring a user-friendly interface that requires no complex setups or delays. This allows for instant access to entertainment, making the PackGo an ideal choice for quick and easy enjoyment in any scene.
ApoloSign All In One Portable TV rotatable screen
The Apolosign PackGo facilitates seamless gaming experiences outdoors, supporting connections to gaming consoles via HDMI or DisplayPort. Imagine relaxing on the lawn, fully immersed in fun gaming sessions with friends or family, all made possible by the PackGo’s versatile connectivity and portability. This setup creates memorable entertainment moments anywhere you go.

Enjoy your favorite entertainment on the go with the Apolosign PackGo, which comes preloaded with popular apps like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+. This feature allows you to bring vibrant streaming content to life, whether you’re at home or on the move, ensuring top-notch viewing pleasure anytime, anywhere.
ApoloSign All In One Portable TV watching movies
The Apolosign PackGo stands out with its distinctive handle design, blending style with practicality in a versatile briefcase format. This design allows for easy transport to various locations, from outdoor picnics to social gatherings, enhancing every occasion. Holding the PackGo not only adds a touch of sophistication but also makes a strong style statement, reflecting a commitment to quality and a high-end lifestyle.
ApoloSign All In One Portable TV for travel
The Apolosign PackGo is fully integrated with Google Play, enhancing its utility by providing access to a wide range of applications, from entertainment to social media. Users can easily download their favorite apps, games, movies, and music, all navigable via touch or remote control. Dive into a world of content and immerse yourself in the diverse experiences offered by your chosen apps, right at your fingertips. This feature turns the PackGo into a versatile entertainment hub for any user.
ApoloSign All In One Portable TV diverse Apps
Type-C: The Apolosign PackGo features a Type-C port that supports rapid data transmission and can connect to HDMI outputs via an expansion dock. This capability allows for easy expansion of your device’s display capabilities, making it simple to share content on larger screens for presentations or entertainment.
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Product specification:

System CPU RK3588 Quad core cortex A55+Quad core cortex A76
Operating system Android  12
Display Panel 27″inch
Screen type IPS
Resolution 1920*1080
Chromatic number 16.7M Colors
Color gamut 72% NTSC
Viewing angle R/L 89/89, U/D 89/89
Display mode Normally black
Contrast ratio ,1000:1
Response time(GtG) 6ms
Backlight LED
Luminance 450cdm2
Aspect Ratio ,16:9
Touch Touch type In cell touch
Touch points 10-Point capacitive touch
Touch interface HID-USB
Wireless network WiFi 802.11b/g/n/a/ac/ax
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.2
IO/Interface Type_C Full Function ( Except for charging function )
DP in DP IN function, Compatible with PD fast charge output, support 5V/3A,9V/3A,12V/3A,15/3A output
HDMI IN Support 800*600,1024*768,1280*720,1280*800,1280*1024,1366*768,1600*900,1920*1080,3840*2160, etc
AC power input Socket,AC voltage 100-240V input
Rocker switch Control the motherboard battery switch
Storage box *3
Media playback Video format MPEG-1,MPEG-2,MPEG-4,H.265,H.264,H.263,VC-1,VP8,VP9,MVC,AV1, etc., support up to 8K@60fps
Audio format MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV/OGG, etc
Photo jpeg/png/gif,etc
Other Product Color Warm Grey
Key ×3 (front) Power/Volume+/Volume-
Gravity Sensor Supports 90 ° rotation
Horn tweeter 0.75inch 4Ω/10W*2,woofer 2.5inch 4Ω/10W*2
Microphone Standard built-in 4 microphones, supporting noise reduction and echo cancellation
OSD Language Multilingual OSD operation in Chinese and English
Closure dormancy Supports lid closure sleep, lid opening wake-up/lid opening startup
Authentication CCC,FCC,CE,CB,DOE,UL,ERP
LED light (front) Three color LED light Blue light; Battery level > 15%
Green light; Flashing during AC charging, always on when fully charged
Red light; Battery level ≤ 15%
Turn off the lights; Shutdown and hibernation
Battery pack Battery type 18650 type lithium-ion battery
Battery pack capacity 14.4V/6800mAh
Endurance 5-6H【Comprehensive Evaluation】
Structure Function Tilt (Forward-Backward) For Landscape Mode: Forward tilt 3 degrees, backward tilt 90 degrees;  For Portrait Mode: Forward tilt 3 degrees, backward tilt 40 degrees
Rotation (clockwise) 0—90°
Lifting (Center Distance) 200mm
Environment Operation Temperature 0℃—45℃
Storage Temperature -20℃—60℃
Operation Humidity 20~80%RH
Storage Humidity 10~95%RH
Accessory AC power cord length 1.5 meters (white) *1
Dual TYPE-C cable length 0.8 meters (white) *1
Bluetooth remote control *1
Wireless microphone *1Optional
User manual *1


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