Athena 32-Inch Smart Touch Screen: Revolutionary Innovation for Modern TV

Athena 32 inch smart touch screen voice control gesture recogniztion

Introducing the Athena 32-Inch Smart Touch Screen from Lynnhan – a revolutionary innovation designed to transform your viewing experience. With its luxurious sleek design and powerful features, the Athena smart screen stands out in the modern TV market.

Luxurious Sleek Design and Outlook

The Athena 32-Inch Smart Touch Screen is not just a device; it’s a statement. Its luxurious sleek design enhances the aesthetic of any room, making it a perfect blend of technology and style. The slim profile and elegant finish ensure that it complements contemporary interiors while delivering superior functionality.

High-Definition Touch Screen

The heart of the Athena Smart Touch Screen is its stunning display. Featuring a 32-inch in-cell touch display with an impressive 1920×1080 resolution, it ensures sharp, clear visuals that bring every detail to life. The 4K resolution support takes the viewing experience to a new level, providing unparalleled clarity and color accuracy.

External 4K HD Camera

Enhancing the visual experience further is the external 4K HD camera. This camera supports 4K quality in vertical mode, ensuring that video calls and recordings are crisp and detailed. Whether you’re attending a virtual meeting or capturing moments, the camera delivers exceptional clarity and performance.

Voice-Activated Remote Control

Navigating through the features of the Athena Smart Touch Screen is a breeze with the voice-activated remote control. This feature supports voice commands, allowing users to control the smart screen effortlessly. Although not all apps support this feature, the convenience it offers for compatible apps is unparalleled.

Custom Android OS with Google Play

Running on a custom Android-based system fully certified by Google, the Athena Smart Touch Screen offers a wide range of applications through Google Play. This flexibility allows users to download and install various apps, transforming the smart screen into a versatile entertainment and productivity hub.

Robust Memory and Storage

Performance is at the core of the Athena Smart Touch Screen, thanks to its robust memory and storage. Equipped with 8GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage, it ensures smooth operation and ample space for apps, media, and more. This powerful configuration makes multitasking seamless and efficient.

Adjustable Screen Positions

One of the standout features of the Athena Smart Touch Screen is its adjustable screen positions. Users can move the screen up and down, rotate it left and right, and tilt it at different angles to achieve the most comfortable viewing experience. This flexibility is perfect for various settings and uses.

Portable Design with Long Battery Life

Designed for mobility, the Athena Smart Touch Screen features a removable charging dock and a built-in 108Wh battery. With up to 6 hours of battery life, it is ideal for use across different locations, making it a perfect companion for both home and on-the-go use.

Wireless and Wired Projection

The Athena Smart Touch Screen offers both wireless and wired projection options, providing users with the flexibility to share content easily. Whether you’re streaming a movie or presenting a slideshow, the screen casting options ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

AI Voice Assistant Feature

The inclusion of an AI voice assistant enhances user interaction and accessibility. This feature allows users to control the device, access content, and manage settings through voice commands, providing a hands-free experience that is perfect for multitasking or accessibility purposes.

Gesture Recognition

Adding to its advanced features is gesture recognition, which allows users to interact with the screen through simple gestures. This intuitive feature enhances the user experience by making navigation and control even more effortless.


The Athena 32-Inch Smart Touch Screen by Lynnhan is a masterpiece of modern technology, designed to meet the needs of today’s discerning consumers. With its luxurious design, high-definition touch screen, robust performance, and advanced features like voice-activated control, AI voice assistant, and gesture recognition, it sets a new standard in the world of smart screens. Whether for home entertainment, professional use, or mobile convenience, the Athena Smart Touch Screen is the ultimate choice for those seeking innovation and excellence in their tech devices. Discover the future of smart screens with Athena – where luxury meets functionality.

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